These classes will be meeting during the discipleship hour following the service.  Some will be meeting in person, some will be held on Zoom only, and the Membership class will be offered both ways.

Please note that classes offered via Zoom will start at about 11:15 (unless you are told otherwise by the teacher) – to allow people travel time if they attend church in person.
If you are looking for one of the groups that met to do the questions from the sermon study, look below at the Growth Group section.


Sunday Adult Class Descriptions:

Sermon Discussion (held via Zoom) – This class requires no registration, and we can accommodate up to 100 people. It is held following the service, beginning at about 11:15am. There is a link on the watch page, underneath the portal.

A Praying Life –  Randy Gruber is facilitating a discussion using Paul Miller’s book “A Praying Life”. PRAYER is simply you – a child of a good Father – making conversation with him a rhythm of your life. This class will meet in-person so size is limited. They will gather in Narthex A following the worship service.

Membership Class –  If you are relatively new to SPEP or even if you have recently become a member here,  we invite you to join us this September for a 6-week class called “Introduction to SPEP.” We will give you an overview of who we are, what we believe, where we’re going, and how to join us! There is no obligation to join our church, but if you would like to join, this class is a prerequisite. The class will meet on Sundays at 11:15am, following Worship, beginning on Sunday, September 13th. You may attend in-person or via Zoom.

Apostles’ Creed – A class meeting via Zoom following the worship service at 11:15am, led by Glenn Parkinson.  Video Description from Glenn 

The Gospel Project – Jesus the Savior – This class will be using the Gospel Project material from Lifeway. We will be studying the gospels and learning and discussing the end of Jesus’ ministry including his ministry from the cross and his resurrection. Mike Stephan will be leading this class online using Zoom.


Growth Groups:

Small groups (8-12) that meet weekly for the purpose of discussing Scripture, encouraging one another, and seeking ways to love our community. Growth Groups can be co-ed, women, or men. During this season of Covid-19, most Growth Groups are meeting via Zoom (or other video conferencing tools). Eventually, we expect that Growth Groups will meet in-person. Most groups listed in this section are planning on using the study that will parallel the sermon series. (There were a couple of leaders that said their group hadn’t decided for sure. Check with the leader if you want to be sure.)


John Childress (leader) – following the service (~11:15 am) via Zoom

Doug Cress (leader) – following the service (~11:15 am) via Zoom

Glenn Whaley (leader) – Sundays @ 6:30 pm via Zoom


Mike Stephan (leader) – Mondays @ 7:30pm via Zoom


Work in Progress (Jeff Kraker-leader) – Tuesdays @ 7 pm

Robert & Melissa Drouin (leaders) – Tuesdays @ 7 pm

Doug & Melissa Kurzmiller – 1st & 3rd Tuesdays from 6 – 8pm – including a potluck dinner. This will be for FAMILIES.  Kids are welcome! Once you sign up, please contact Melissa with # people in family and ages of kids. Note: Will begin on October 5th.


Men’s Wednesday Night Bible Study (contact: Ken Ward) – Wednesdays @ 7 pm. Will meet via a combination of Zoom/in-person. They hope to be meeting in MC-3 soon.

Ken & Pam Prickett (leaders) – Wednesdays @ 7 pm via Zoom. The group will discuss the study questions the week BEFORE the sermon.


Other Studies:

The groups below are existing groups that have indicated that they have limited room for new

members. Contact a leader if you have questions before you sign up.


Childress Home Group – meets on Tuesdays in Severna Park at 7 pm in-person only


Inductive Books of the Bible Study (women only) – meets on Wednesdays 12-3 and does a combination of in-person and online activities.


The Tangents – a young adults’ group – meets on Fridays (7 – 9) They meet both in-person and online. (Contact: Josh Gordon)

If you found a class that you would like to attend, register here.