These classes will be meeting during the discipleship hour following the service.  One is meeting in person, the rest will be meeting via Zoom only.  Please note that the classes offered via Zoom will start at about 11:15 (unless you are told otherwise by the teacher) – to allow people travel time if they attend church in person.

If you are looking for the groups that meet to do the questions from the sermon study, look below at the Growth Group section.

Class Descriptions (click the title to join the class)

The Gospel of Mark (Randy Gruber) In-person – Join us to study and discuss the Gospel of Mark, the simplest and shortest biographical account of Jesus’ life, capturing eyewitness accounts in a fast-paced narrative.  An excellent study guide will be provided to each group member with helpful observation, interpretation, and application questions. Together we will discover new insights from the gospel, learn how to apply them to our lives, and grow in our love and relationship with the Lord.

Sermon Discussion (Dan Broadwater) – Begins at 11:15am.

The Gospel Project (Mike Stephan) – Using the studies from Lifeway, we are going to study Acts and the epistles as we look at the start of the church after Jesus’ resurrection and ascension. How should we live in a world that needs to hear the gospel that it is often hostile toward? This class will meet online after the worship service at 11:15am using Zoom.

God’s Guidance (Glenn Parkinson) – God guides us to where he wants us to go. One of the most valued aspects of knowing Christ is the experience of walking with the Lord, following his lead. This biblical study looks at divine guidance from a variety of perspectives. This class will meet online using Zoom after the Worship service beginning at 11:15am.

Out of the Salt Shaker and Into the World (Stephen Kaiss, Dan Smith)—In this class, we will be challenged and equipped to bring our faith into our relationships with neighbors, family, and friends. Taught by Stephen Kaiss (Youth for Christ, Executive Director for Metro Maryland) and Dan Smith, we will use Becky Pippert’s classic book (by the same title) as our guide. Join us via Zoom, as we seek to make evangelism a “way of life”.


Our Sunday morning small group ministry continues to meet online using Zoom. They meet after the worship service and will discuss that morning’s sermon. This is a great way to become part of our church’s small group ministry.

Growth Group (John Childress) 

Growth Group (Doug Cress)


If you want to sign up before Sunday click here.

If you are interested in a growth group that meets at another time, contact Mike Stephan for information.