Adult Sunday Classes:

Ephesian Bible Study
Martin Luther wrote that Ephesians is “among the best and noblest books of the New Testament.”  It was John Calvin’s favorite.  John Knox asked to be read John Calvin’s sermons on Ephesians on his deathbed. Just a few who treasured and praised this amazing letter. Together we will do an inductive Bible study of Ephesians using a wide-line copy of the letter and inductive Bible study questions. We hope you can join us in learning more about God’s amazing love and how we, empowered by the Holy Spirit, are to live our lives for Christ’s glory as God’s precious children.

Led by: Randy Gruber | Location: Worship Center A

The Westminster Confession of Faith
The Westminster Confession is the core of our church Standards, describing how the PCA understands and teaches the Bible. This class offers a bird’s eye overview to get a sense of its content. We will view twelve videos that Pastor Glenn Parkinson has made, and afterward explore questions.

Led by:  Pastor Emeritus Glenn Parkinson | Location: Worship Center  B

Responding to LGBTQ with Truth and Love
In the Media, LGBT is a political issue. In the Church it is often a sin issue. But it is more than an “issue”… It is People. So how are we called to respond to people with the love of Christ? Join us as we seek a thoughtful, biblical, compassionate perspective from which we might minister to people who experience same-sex-attraction, their allies, and their Families.

Led by: Dan Smith, John Childress | Location: MC3

Sunday Growth Group
This group is open to anyone interested in reviewing the sermons more in depth and discussing how they apply to our personal, daily walk with Christ. We will make time for getting to know each other as we connect the message to our personal lives, and pray for each other.  Other than being familiar with the week’s sermon, no preparation or “homework” is required.

Led by: Stefan Hubrich and Doug Cress | Location: Parlor

If you are interested in a growth group email Mike Stephan for information.