These classes will be meeting during the discipleship hour following the service. Please note that the classes offered via Zoom will start at about 11:15 (unless you are told otherwise by the teacher) – to allow people travel time if they attend church in person. The links for these are provided on the church website under the Sunday Morning Resources tab.

We do have two classes that will be meeting in-person following the worship service. The space for these is limited. We ask that you please sign-up if you wish to attend in-person.



The Gospel of Mark (Randy Gruber) – Join us as we continue to study and discuss the Gospel of Mark, the simplest and shortest biographical account of Jesus’ life, capturing eyewitness accounts in a fast-paced narrative.  An excellent study guide will be provided to each group member with helpful observation, interpretation, and application questions. Together we will discover new insights from the gospel, learn how to apply them to our lives, and grow in our love and relationship with the Lord.

Questioning Evangelism (Mike Fenimore) – In this class, we will be challenged to think through questions that our unbelieving families and friends are asking in order to practically share the good news of God’s salvation with them.  We will use Randy Newman’s book, Questioning Evangelism, to help guide us through these questions in order to better understand how to listen, how to share and how to help others come to faith.  It’s not so much about a formula of evangelism as it is a heart to listen and help sinners who need a savior. 



Sermon Discussion (Dan Broadwater) – This is a discussion of the sermon and continuing reflection upon the Scriptures we heard during the worship service. Begins at 11:15am.

The Gospel Project (Mike Stephan) – Using the studies from Lifeway, we are going to study Acts and the epistles as we look at the start of the church after Jesus’ resurrection and ascension. From the study guide: “Unity in the church was an important issue early on, as it continues to be today. Through the Holy Spirit, the church soundly reaffirmed that salvation is by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone.” This class will meet online after the worship service at 11:15am using Zoom.



Our Sunday morning small group ministry continues to meet online using Zoom. They meet after the worship service and will discuss that morning’s sermon. This is a great way to become part of our church’s small group ministry.

Growth Group (John Childress)

Growth Group (Doug Cress)


If you are interested in a growth group that meets at another time, contact Mike Stephan for information.