Starting June 20, we will have three classes that will be meeting in-person during the discipleship hour following the service. The space for these is limited. We ask that you please sign-up if you wish to attend in-person.


Take Heart: Christian Courage in an Age of Unbelief (Jennifer Ploegman, Chip Wilford) – If you find yourself discouraged at the state of affairs in our country and the world, or if you worry about the future of the Church or your own future as a Christian in a hostile culture, this class aims to encourage and even excite you about the days ahead. This class will walk through Matt Chandler’s invitation to reject fear, give you reasons to think positively about the future of Christ’s church and challenge you to live boldly in today’s culture with compassion, conviction, courage, and confidence. We will meet in Narthex B.

The Canon of Scripture (Brandon Katz, Ryan Mann, Alan Shook) – In this class, we will explore both the content and character of the inerrant Word of God contained in the Old and New Testaments, otherwise known as the canon. We will examine how covenant and redemptive history are displayed from Genesis to Revelation. We will also consider why other texts were not accepted into the canon that we find in our Bibles today. We will meet in Narthex A.

Sunday Morning Growth Group (Doug Cress) – June 20th, July 18th, and August 15th, please join us for a time for prayer, fellowship, and sermon discussion following the Worship Service. We will be meeting in the Parlor



Our Sunday morning small group ministry continues to meet online using Zoom during the discipleship hour following the service.

Please note that the classes offered via Zoom will start on June 13 at 11:15 (unless you are told otherwise by the teacher) – to allow people travel time if they attend church in person. The links for these are provided below.

The Gospel Project
: (Mike Stephan) – Using the studies from Lifeway, we are going to study Acts and the epistles and Revelation as we continue to see how Jesus is continuing to call people to himself and grow his church. We will also be looking at his triumphant return as he comes to make all things new. This class will meet online after the worship service at 11:15am using Zoom.

Sermon Discussion: Led by Dan Broadwater this is a discussion of the sermon and continuing reflection upon the Scriptures we heard during the worship service.

Growth Group: (John Childress, Stefan Hubrich) – An online growth group focusing on application, prayer, and fellowship.  Stefan and John facilitate a thirty-minute conversation about how we can apply the sermon. We also spend at least fifteen minutes in prayer and fellowship.

If you are interested in a growth group that meets at another time, contact Mike Stephan for information.