Adult Sunday Morning Classes

Early Church History (From Acts to the Fall of Rome): The church was not developed without making mistakes, but we would not have our current church if it wasn’t for the work, love and devotion of the ancestors of our faith. Using Nick Needham’s book, 2000 Years of Christ Power, we will study the history of the early church, it’s people, their beliefs, and their errors. Led by: Mike Stephan in Worship Center A.

Learning to Love God: What does it mean to love God? Saving faith discovers how God perfectly and unchangeably loves us in Christ, and His love invites love in return, but how? This class explores some of God’s many Scriptural roles and names. They guide us into trust and obedience, which is how we learn to love God better. Led by: Glenn Parkinson in Worship Center B.

Introduction to SPEP: If you are somewhat NEW to SPEP, we invite you to learn more about us and meet some other newer people, by attending our 6-Week Intro-Class where you can learn more about who we are, what we believe, and how we are seeking to serve the Lord. There is no obligation to join our church, but there will be the opportunity to join our church upon completion of the Intro Class. This class begins on March 19 at 11:15 in the Parlor (half-way down the Ramp Hallway, on the Left). If you’d like more information, please contact the Church Office.

Sunday Growth Group: This group is open to anyone interested in reviewing the sermons more in depth and discussing how they apply to our personal, daily walk with Christ. We will make time for getting to know each other as we connect the message to our personal lives and pray for each other. Other than being familiar with the week’s sermon, no preparation or “homework” is required. Led by: Stefan Hubrich and Doug Cress in the Room 5.

If you are interested in a growth group contact the Church Office for information.