Adult Sunday Morning Classes

The Gospels: History or Myth?: The bulk of what we believe and espouse as evangelical Christians hinges on the historical accuracy and reliability of the four canonical Gospels. So, the question must be asked: how can we be sure that these documents are as trustworthy as we’d like to think that they are? The Gospels: History or Myth? is a twelve-week, in-depth study of the evidence supporting the position that Matthew, Mark, Luke and John are indeed historical (i.e., true) in their entirety. Its goal to equip you, the lay Christian, to make that case, and to answer common objections. Led by: Kevin Cox in Worship Center A

Sunday Growth Group: This group is open to anyone interested in reviewing the sermons more in depth and discussing how they apply to our personal, daily walk with Christ. We will make time for getting to know each other as we connect the message to our personal lives, and pray for each other.  Other than being familiar with the week’s sermon, no preparation or “homework” is required. Led by: Stefan Hubrich and Doug Cress in the Parlor

Isaiah: We will be reading and studying the book of Isaiah. Using Howard Peskett’s study guide, Isaiah: Trusting God in Troubled Times, we will learn from Isaiah as he speaks to Israel about what God is doing in their midst and hear of a future servant and savior. Please come join us after the worship service. Led by: Randy Gruber in Worship Center B

The Gospel of John: Come and explore John’s account of the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. We will use Core Christianity’s study of John as our guide through this rich gospel and explore its themes of salvation, sanctification, and most importantly the teachings, death, and resurrection of Jesus. Led by: Brandon Katz in Education Center Room 5

If you are interested in a growth group email Mike Stephan for information.