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Additional Resources:

Books by Pastor Emeritus Glenn Parkinson

All books are available on Amazon in both print and Kindle editions. Some are also available as audio books.

Peter’s Principles
learning to follow Jesus
In his last recorded letter to the Church, the Apostle Peter highlighted a peculiar list of seven qualities that summarize how Jesus discipled him. Peter said they are the key to experiencing the power of God as we discover the person God designed each of us to be.

Expanded introduction to Peter’s Principles:

What does it mean to follow Jesus? In his last recorded letter to the Church, the Apostle Peter highlighted a peculiar list of seven qualities as his final legacy. What he said about this carefully constructed guide is extraordinary:

  • It describes how we can manage the power of God to discover our intended identity.
  • It captures the essence of what it means to walk with God’s Spirit.
  • When applied, it makes the expansion of God’s kingdom inevitable both in us and through us.

This remarkable list was Peter’s summary of how Jesus Christ had discipled him. Jesus identified Peter as his prototype disciple, the first of many as the kingdom of God advances throughout the world. Peter’s guide will help anyone who wishes to follow Jesus as he did.

Like the Stars – a Christian alternative to culture war
Should Christians be fighting a “culture war?” Seven key Bible insights outline how evangelicals can recapture their potential to enrich life in America.

Share Your Master’s Joy – a partnership that lasts forever
Stewardship is finding joy in managing all of life to God’s glory. Such joy pleases the Lord and directs his choice of future leaders.

Living Faith convictions that bring faith to life
A faith to live by requires convictions rooted in God’s Word. Here are fourteen powerful convictions, each illustrated by a character study from the Bible.

Tapestry the Book of Revelation
The Book of Revelation was never meant to be a puzzle. The greatest challenge is not understanding it but rather believing it shows us the real world as God sees it. When we see the world as God does, the most important thing in life becomes crystal clear.

A Larger Faith – the Book of Daniel
The Book of Daniel does more than simply demonstrate faith. By documenting a series of extraordinary predictive visions given to Daniel, it describes the worldview that naturally enlarges faith among God’s people.