Guiding Scripture

My purpose is that they may be encouraged in heart and united in love, so that they may have the full riches of complete understanding, in order that they may know the mystery of God, namely, Christ, in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.”  Colossians 2:2, 3

All SPEP staff, church officers and adult volunteers working with children and teens are required to have a fingerprint supported background check searching state and federal databases. See Policies page to read our full child safety program.

As a ministry of the church, our children’s ministry affirms and partners in pursuing the mission, vision, and values of Severna Park Evangelical Presbyterian Church.


SPEP Mission

  • To discover in Christ the greatness of God, and share those discoveries with others.

SPEP Vision

  • A church where Jesus mends broken lives with the goodness of God, and equips us to join him in His work.

SPEP Values

  • Firm to biblical standards, flexible in ministry style
  • Confident that Jesus is at work
  • Humbly transparent with respect and compassion for others
  • Delighted in God
  • Passionate for spiritual growth and ministry skill
  • Committed to be a part of what Christ is doing in the church and in the world


If your kids are between the ages of birth to 5th grade, SPEP Kids is the place to be. These are years of dynamic growth, physically, intellectually, and even, spiritually. That’s why SPEP’s Children’s Ministry is intent on supporting you in leading your children to faith in Christ. We are grateful for each child in our church family and we believe that the Lord has given them to us as covenant children – heirs of His promise to receive all who trust in Him. It’s our mission in all of our teaching to strive for our covenant children to KNOW Jesus, GROW in faith, and FOLLOW Him in every pursuit.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to proclaim to our children the gospel, provide for them the best environment, and propel them toward faith and lives of committed service.

We want all our children to know we serve a God who is good, trustworthy, loving and satisfying. His grace is offered to all who trust in Him and it’s big enough to meet their deepest needs and overcome their biggest fears. We want them to profess Christ as Savior as soon as possible, but we also want them to grow beyond simple profession to a deep understanding of their calling to live as Covenant believers who love Jesus and can’t wait to share His love with others.

Tools for Training Your Child to Worship

Our Goals

  1. We will continually encourage our children to know and trust the Creator God, and to discover hidden treasure in Christ through diligent study of the Bible.
  2. We will seek to provide an atmosphere where spiritual growth in children can occur and we will endeavor to support parents in the spiritual nurturing of their children. Child protection and spiritual nurturing are inseparable priorities within all areas of ministry to children.
  3. We will model before the children service to the Lord and encourage them to use their talents, minds and bodies to serve the Lord and His church.
  4. We will encourage our children to share their story of faith with their friends and to give their lives to works of mercy and justice.
  5. We will encourage and support Children’s Ministry volunteers and equip them for ministry to children.

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