We believe that the message of the Bible is trustworthy for every generation. It is worth our effort to learn and understand what Jesus said and what it means for us today. But, this is not just an individual pursuit of knowledge; rather, we are committed to learning from Jesus together, sharing our thoughts, experiences and perspectives towards the goal of becoming more like Him.

Sunday Mornings

High School students meet on Sunday mornings following the worship service and coffee fellowship, from 11:15am-12:15pm in the basement of the Ministry Center. We spend a few minutes hanging out followed by a large group discussion of a Scripture passage or Biblical theme. Students are given tools to dive into God’s Word in more depth and apply it to their lives.

Youth Group

High School students are invited to meet in the Education Center each Sunday nights from 6:00-8:00pm.  Youth Group is a time of fun, connecting with friends, and an opportunity to hear biblical teaching and experience gospel fellowship.  Regardless of where a student is in their relationship with God, we invite them to come and experience a time each week to connect with Jesus and with their peers.

Our time together on Sunday nights is a great place to get connected with other high school students and our leaders, as well as gain a greater understanding of who Jesus is and how He can impact and transform our lives.

Fire and Fish

Fire & Fish is a Bible study for young ladies (7th – 12th grades). This Bible study is dedicated to encouraging daily, deepening personal relationships with Jesus through independent study, small groups, worship together, and intentional mentorship.  We desire to raise up the next generation of godly women ready to stand firm in their faith in Christ and to serve confidently in Jesus’ name, looking ahead with hope as they follow God’s leading for their lives. For more information click here.


Christian Service Brigade

Christian Service Brigade is a discipleship-centered program where Christian men build personal relationships with teen guys and mentor them to be effective Christian leaders. These young men share experiences in peer group leadership through weekly meetings, the achievement program, service projects, outings, and camping trips, helping them to become leaders by leading. For more information click here.