Welcome! We’re glad you’ve joined us today. May our great God encourage you and strengthen you as we worship together!

Please consider engaging with us in fellowship and ministry. Use the links below to communicate, whether in person or online, and to learn more about what is happening at SPEP!

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Children’s Sermon Bingo for
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There are a couple of In-person options available. Both are limited in capacity.

Join us via ZOOM™, for an opportunity to learn, grow and connect.

Sermon Discussion (begins at 11:15am)

Two adult classes are available by ZOOM™. There is a class on the Apostles’ Creed as well as a class using the The Gospel Project. Contact the Church Office and we will put you in touch with leaders of those classes.

Sunday Morning Adult Growth groups are available – contact the Church Office for information.

Request an invite to the Children’s Classes, Middle School, and/or High School

On September 13th, we started to have some in-person options for the youth.(There is an online option as well.) Contact Katie Goslin for details.