Women’s Advocates

Does life seem overwhelming?

Are you burdened or being hurt by circumstances bigger than you can handle alone, such as fear or threat of divorce, chronic conflict, pornography, addiction, or abuse?

As Women’s Advocates, we seek to fulfill SPEP’s mission of extending God’s goodness through the love of Jesus by coming alongside women who are weary of carrying their burdens alone.

  • We will pray with you
  • We will seek Jesus together and his guidance to heal brokenness
  • We will help connect you to additional resources

If your situation requires the disciplinary involvement of church leaders, but you have been reluctant to initiate contact on your own, we are able to facilitate that connection.


You will be surrounded with confidentiality*

  • The advocate’s E-mail and voicemail are monitored by our three-person intake group. Only one of them will pick up your request along with your instructions about how best to reach you.  She will respond to you within 24 hours.
  • Your support team of two advocates will be the only ones with access to all your communications.
  • You will be given a flower name alias to shield your identity.
  • You will have a protected communications pathway accessible only to your team and any others whom you choose to include ( for example a lawyer, a counselor).

*Confidentiality is always limited by legal statute (example child abuse) and for church members it is limited by certain rules of the Book of Church Order. Ask your advocate for more information if this is a concern.


Contact Us:
To reach our ministry in confidence.
E-mail:  [email protected]
Phone:  410-544-5013 Ext 5
(Call after business hours and leave a voicemail letting us know the best way to reach you.)