Below you will find questions to a Bible study for the book of Joshua. The study questions are available in two formats: Adobe PDF (PDF) and Microsoft Word (DOCX). If you would like to listen to the sermon in relation to this weeks text, go to recent sermons.

Study questions will be posted as they become available.

01-07-24 – Dan SmithStrong and CourageousJoshua 1:1-18PDF    DOCX
01-14-24 – Dan SmithRahab’s SermonJoshua 2:1-24PDF    DOCX
01-21-24 – Dan SmithSeeing and Remembering the Works of the LordJoshua 3:1-5:12PDF    DOCX
01-28-24 – Mike StephanLooking BackJoshua 5:13-6:27PDF    DOCX
02-04-24 – Dan SmithThe Inevitability of JudgmentJoshua 7:1-26PDF    DOCX
02-11-24 – Dan SmithVictoryJoshua 8:1-35PDF    DOCX
02-18-24 – Dan SmithA Promise is a PromiseJoshua 9:1-27PDF   DOCX
02-25-24 – Mike StephanRest and InheritanceJoshua 10-21PDF   DOCX
03-03-24 – Dan SmithInheritances PreservedJoshua 22:1-6,10-34PDF    DOCX
03-10-24 – Dan SmithStaying StrongJoshua 23:1-16PDF    DOCX
03-17-24 – Dan SmithChoose This Day…Joshua 24:1-18PDF    DOCX