Adult Sunday Morning Classes:

Visit our Adult Sunday Christian Education page for a detailed list of classes that we offer during our Sunday discipleship hour after the service.

Adult Weekly Growth Groups:

This Small Group Ministry is a way to engage followers of Jesus so that they can draw closer to Him by being in fellowship with other believers.

Are you interested in joining or even leading a Growth Group? Email Us!

Weekly Growth Group Map to see where they are located.



11:15am – Is open to anyone interested in reviewing the sermons more in depth and discussing how they apply to our personal, and daily walk with Christ. Meets in the Parlor and is led by Stefan Hubrich and Doug Cress.

6:00pm – They meet the 1st and 3rd Sunday after church service and review the sermon study questions, dinner is provided, at the Millers. Led by Eric and Rachel Miller.

6:00pm – Is open to anyone interested and meets in the Ministry Center Basement. Led by Mike Fenimore.


7:00pm – This collage age group is meeting at the church building. Led by Paul Kangas.

7:30pm – This group is online and open to anyone interested.
Led by Mike Stephan.


6:30pm – This study is open to anyone in the Severn area. Led by Karl and Suzanne Behrendt.

6:30pm – Single Mom’s “OASIS” (Outreach and Support in Singleness) meets in person on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday at the church in the

Ministry Center MC2. Childcare is provided when volunteers are available. Led by Maribel Ibrahim.

7:00pm – This study is open to anyone and meets in the Ministry Center Basement. Led by Robert and Melissa Drouin.

7:00pm – This group is currently discussing the service study questions . Meets in person and open to anyone interested in the Millersville/Crownsville area. Led by Dan Smith.

– Studying Peter’s Principle book from Glenn Parkinson. They meet in person and open to anyone interested in the Millersville area. Led by Jeff and Jen Kraker and Glenn Parkinson.

7:00pm – This group is currently discussing the sermon series questions and open to anyone. Led by Jim Larson.


11:00am – Senior Bible study and meets in the church building Room WC A. Led by Mike Foster and David Sohl.

1:00pm – This study if open to anyone. Meets in the Ministry Center Room 3. Led by Bill and Jeanne Beans.

7:00pm – This men’s group is meeting the 2nd and 4th at the Ministry Center church building or in someone’s home. Led by Paul Kangas.

7:00pm – This Bible study meets in the Ministry Center Room MC3. Led by Michael Foster and Joe Harvey.



6:30pm – Open Group for those with children in the Severna Park area. Led by Doug Cress and John Childress.

7:00pm – Sharing, prayer, sermon discussion and discovering together how you might better reflect Christ in your lives in society and at work. Led by Stanley and Christiane Carlson-Thies.

8:30pm – This group is meeting online and is designed for those with children. Led by Hannah Broadwater.



7:00pm – This Young Adult study is meeting in the Ministry Center Basement. Led by Sabrina Mackall, Jonathan Kesner, and Mike Weber.

If you are interested in a Weekly Growth Group or have additional questions Email Us!

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